Our Experience

There is no way to describe the growth in Israel’s telecom market without mentioning Tiecom.

Since 1995, Tiecom has played a pivotal role in integrating advanced optical technologies within the Israeli telecom market. Our customer base consists of leading telecom companies as well as a long line of end users, both public and private.

Our Know How

מאחורי ההצלחה של חברת תייקום עומדת היכרות מעמיקה עם כל סוגי תשתית הסיבים שבוצעו בעולם, בכל תצורות הפריסה. אנו מכירים מקרוב את היצרנים והמפעלים הפועלים בתחום, ואת השיטות הקיימות באירופה, בארצות הברית ובמזרח הרחוק. יישום הידע מעניק לנו גמישות בביצוע והתאמה מרבית לכל דרישה ולכל לקוח.

Underlying Tiecom’s success is a deep knowledge and understanding of all kinds of fiber infrastructures executed around the world and all deployment configurations. We are closely acquainted with the manufacturers and factories in the field, as well as the methods applied in Europe, USA and the Far East. Implementing such knowledge enables agile operations and a maximum fit to each demand and every client.

High StandardCommunication

Our Logistics

Our huge and advanced logistical array is unrivaled in Israel. Our main warehouse in the center contains equipment and spare parts for various scopes – giant infrastructures to an individual sign. Our advanced inventory management software programs enable us to rapidly and efficiently deliver the equipment required to our hundreds of installation and service technicians daily.

Our Service

Tiecom is synonymous to service. Tiecom’s service array is based on many dedicated teams able to execute large-scale projects in a very short period of time. They also utilize a nationwide system for rapidly handling faults at full availability at all hours of the day, all days of the year.

Our Professionalism

Our professionalism is our calling card! As a certified professional entity, we accompany our clients all the way, from specification and selecting the most appropriate infrastructure, through planning and execution in the field to providing ongoing post-installation service.