High Standard Communication


Tiecom deploys high quality communications for you

Since 1995, Tiecom has played a pivotal role in integrating advanced optical technologies within the Israeli telecom market. Our customer base consists of leading telecom companies as well as a long line of end users, both public and private.

Our Services


Planning and execution of fiber optic deployment anywhere in the country, using state-of-the-art optical mobility with advanced equipment and professional teams.


Execution of infrastructure works for the deployment of all types of communications, at all levels of scope - from individual buildings to entire neighborhoods, in high quality and in a short time.


Planning, construction and maintenance of the electrical infrastructure of the cable companies, both in the service centers and in the external electrical cabinets, to ensure proper and ongoing operation.

National Equipment and Logistics Center

A huge central warehouse with communication equipment of all possible types, for fast and efficient execution of the infrastructure, installation and service work we perform.

Multi-User Customers

Establishment and operation of diverse communication systems for institutional clients such as: hotels, sheltered housing, hospitals, gyms, kibbutzim and more.

Post Installation Service

Dozens of skilled technicians provide a professional solution to HOT and Partner customers in everything related to troubleshooting, making changes, adding connection points and the like.

Broadcasting Centers

Establishment of the communication rooms of the various communications companies, from the planning stage, through the establishment of the physical infrastructure to the execution of the wiring and electrical work.

End User Installations

Handling everything related to the installation of communication equipment at the end user - fiber layout, optical equipment, connection points, converters, etc. up to the state of a ready-to-operate system.